Basic Breast Augmentation Facts

Breast Augmentation in Chicago has remained one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery in the city. With the development of safer implants and more precise surgical methods, the procedure is safer than it has ever been. Many women are able to develop more self-confidence and a better body image by undergoing this type of procedure.

There are many reasons why this surgery is considered. It is a way to move forward after a mastectomy and often becomes an important step to women as they recover from breast cancer. It is also a useful procedure after an extreme weight loss. Many women are dismayed to discover that their natural breast size has been reduced after they reach their weight goal. Through Breast Augmentation Chicago IL surgeons are able to help their patients finally achieve the silhouette they have wanted.

There are a number of factors that everyone should be aware of when they are deciding whether or not to have the surgery. They must consider the price, the discomfort and the recovery time required. It can cost nearly $4,000 between the procedure, hospital costs and other various expenses. Time off from work can add to the final price. Most women will need 2-3 days off to have the surgery performed and to rest, and then several additional days of reduced activity. Nearly all patients experience some tenderness and swelling for a few weeks, but the doctor will provide pain relievers to reduce the discomfort if they are needed. Follow-up exams are necessary to ensure the breasts are healing properly and there are no concerns or signs of infection.

Implants come in any size and when the surgery is done correctly, they will look natural. It is a myth that the implants will need to be replaced every few years. Once in place, they can remain in as long as the individual wants them. Having the surgery will not affect the ability to breastfeed later on.

With Tummy Tuck Chicago women are not only able to enlarge their breasts. It can also be done to reduce breast size, make breasts fuller and shapelier and to lift sagging breasts. It can also be performed when breasts are asymmetrical. Most women are pleased with their final results, but it is important to find the right surgeon in order to have the best chance of a successful surgery. Always ask questions during the consultation with a cosmetic surgeon and review testimonials and online reviews from previous patients. Anyone seeking an augmentation should never allow someone to perform the procedure if they are lacking any certification or are not willing to listen to exactly what the patient wants from the surgery .